Containerized Plant Racking


Approximate Number per 53′ Refrigerated Trailer

Size, weight and quantities listed above are approximate only and will vary depending upon plant variety, height, current weather and cultural conditions. 

 Wooden Racks
Rack Cost: $85 (FOB Kraemer’s Nursery, Inc.)

Container SizeQty per FlatFlats per Shelf# of ShelvesTotal per RackNotes
3.5 inch10124480Short Liners
4 inch1866648Short Liners


Container SizePlants per Shelf# of ShelvesTotal per Rack# of ShelvesTotal per Rack
8 inch4052004160
No. 15252604208
No. 2254100375
No. 320360360
No. 550+(Crib stacked with no shelves)

Standardized Shipping

In order to receive your material in a more timely manner, we standardized order and delivery time frames for each shipping season.   Please follow the links below for a more detailed breakdown of this information:

Shipping Information