Nursery Growth Timeline

  • 1968---Kraemer's Nursery planted liners
  • 1993---East front stuppy range & pond added
  • 1994---East Prins glasshouse range built
  • 1995---East Cravo greenhouse built
  • 1996---Downs Rd and Meridian Farms properties added
  • 1998---Downs Rd Cravo greenhouses started
  • 2000---Downs Rd Cravo greenhouses completed
  • 2003---Downs Rd North dock built
  • 2003---Downs Rd Stuppy greenhouses 1-03 built
  • 2003---Abbey farm property added
  • 2004---Downs Rd Stuppy greenhouses 2-04 built
  • 2005---Downs Rd Stuppy greenhouses 3-05 built
  • 2006---Downs Rd South dock built
  • 2007---Way Park & Waconda properties added

What We Grow
At Kraemer’s we grow a wide diversity of woody and ornamental flowering shrubs, broadleaf evergreens, grasses, perennials, conifers, roses, vines, small fruits, and Japanese maples. We are always searching for new cultivars that will help your customers be successful in their gardens. If there is something we currently do not grow, just ask!


How the Nursery Has Blossomed Over the Years

Production Space: 650 acres total

  • 400 acres of outdoor container yards
  • 250 acres of B&B and field grown stock
  • 2 acres of research and development greenhouses
  • 67 acres covered greenhouses
    • 42 acres of Stuppy hoop houses
    • 25 acres of Cravo greenhouses
    • 25 acres for propagation (15 covered)

Primary customer: Mass merchants, independent garden centers, rewholesalers, landscape contractors/designers and brokers.

Sizes sold: Liners and containers from No. 1 through No. 10 containers.

Who We Are